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Microsociety is go!

A long time ago, when I was being interviewed for the job at Burlington, I can remember asking some of the children about the best thing they’d done that year.  It was a Year 5 class, and almost every single person answered with one word: Microsociety.  They explained to me how they made their own societies, with flags, names, currency and rulers, and how they traded and interacted with societies made by the other classes.  It all sounded right up my street – I love teaching classes about politics and economics, and the interactive nature of it sounded really exciting.

Anyway, after what felt like quite a long time in Year 6, and a couple of years in Year 4, I’m now in Year 5 and teaching Microsociety for the first time.  I’ve been reading the huge Microsociety book over the Easter holidays to make sure I know what to do, and I’ve also been reading a bit more about economics and politics (Usborne’s Politics for Beginners and a book called Talking to my Daughter About The Economy by Yanis Varoufakis).

I’m really looking forward to seeing how my class deal with the challenges of working together in different situations; I’m also looking forward to discussing politics and economics and how they affect us.

What part of Microsociety are you looking forward to?


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Disco pictures

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Day 4

As usual at Sayer’s Croft, a lot of things happened.  After visits from Mr Blow on Tuesday and Mrs Case on Wednesday, it was Mrs Utting’s turn to join in the activities.  In no particular order, she witnessed children constructing Roman catapults, creating works of art and returning from an exciting-but-cold-and-wet-walk through the river.  I’m sure she regretted not packing her wellies.

We’re still enjoying beautiful weather, and celebrated our last night here with a disco, masterfully controlled by DJ Panesar (the alternative of a quiet game of cricket on the field was also available).

We’ve had a good day, and we’re now very tired – everyone is looking forward to coming home tomorrow.

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Pitch Hill pictures

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Day 2

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This is the place to find all the updates from this year’s Sayers Croft trip.

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Roman film by Aimee

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Roman film by Taylor and Noemie

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Roman film by Anush and Frankie G

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Capital City Quiz 2

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