Facts about the Ancient Egypt.

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12 Responses to Facts about the Ancient Egypt.

  1. Vishhhk says:

    Great Emma.

  2. Luxika says:

    Nice Facts!

  3. OSCAR.J says:

    A lot of facts there
    K coooool

  4. Aimee says:

    Wow Emma LOVED the bit about mummifyed pets, who’d of thought!

  5. kenzie says:


  6. fplumb says:

    Emma they are really cool facts

  7. Taylor says:

    That’s amazing

  8. Anush hiiii says:

    I now have learnt 3 facts one is that the great pyramid at Giza was built more than 4500 years ago

  9. Ah Jung says:


  10. Frankie G says:

    Good facts

  11. Kamyar says:


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