Week 8 with Fortnite

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  1. Mrs Cranfield says:

    Clever about racecar! Nothing to do with MS but awesome all the same – LOL!
    So you want to be a super sleuth? I think there is crime in your society, but it’s going unmissed – people avoiding tax, money complications and I’m sure there has been some stealing in the past. How are people with no money getting to buy things or exist in the society – make it your job to find out!

  2. Mrs Cranfield says:

    5HP btw, and an extra 1 for keeping me amused with racecar!

  3. Mia G says:

    It is not easy, everyone wants something different, so we can’t do what everyone wants, like having us voted out the majority wanted us in so that’s what we did. We are having laws put up on Friday, and the 3 rules we did announce were, no stealing, no physical arguing with other business and no trespassing others land. Maybe you were at piano.

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