Samba class 2018-2019

What has been your favourite lesson in year 3 so far and why?

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32 Responses to Samba class 2018-2019

  1. jkim says:

    I love the art lessons.

  2. berni says:

    My favourite lesson is maths because it is very fun.

  3. walle says:

    Pirate day because we came in dressed as pirate and we went into Riley and made pirate faces.

  4. akugat says:

    I love English because I can do my best handwriting and l love art because we get to paint a cool drawing.

  5. berra says:

    I like pe

  6. byron says:

    my favourite lesson was music/French because we learn a lot of things

  7. anitha says:

    I enjoyed pirate day because it was spectacular and fun.

  8. edwal says:

    I like math and art and it

  9. thank says:

    My favourite lesson this year 3 is when we made pirate grog because it tasty.

  10. uteef says:

    Writing the instructions for making pirate grog because was a good lesson.

  11. alih says:

    My favourite lesson is when I did my portrait picture .

  12. banss says:

    My favourite lesson was when we were drawing the treasure map because drawing I loved the map.

  13. alamd says:

    My favourite leasson is art because I love drawing.

  14. byron says:

    I really enjoy playtime too because I love going on imaginary train journeys!

  15. errog says:

    I loved the sience dome because it taute me lots of facts.

  16. alisa says:

    My favourite part so far in year 3 was the science dome because I saw the milkyway galaxy and saw many more. I loved it but it was a bit scary.

  17. yeniz says:

    My favourite lesson so far was art because I loved doing my self portrit

  18. minkd says:

    The science dome because the man who represented it taught us all about light ,dark and light sources.

  19. satha says:

    Today in Burlington Junior School I had so much fun because of your lessons. To start off I loved Mrs Cleaver’s music lessons. She is the best musical women in the world. I also love your maths lessons so much. It’s a pleasure to be in your class.


  20. juns says:

    I liked making grog because I love making things.

  21. leee says:

    My favourite subjects so far are guided reading and maths. I like them because one I have always liked maths and two I absoulotly LOVE to read.

  22. edwal says:

    I like math and art and I like play ine west frends and like suysonst dome

  23. haxhe says:

    in 3i have liked art because it is fun.

  24. nasim says:

    my favourite lesson was the science dome because he told about light sauce.

  25. nelsm says:

    my favourite lesson was when the science dome came because we saw lots stars it was so good

  26. judes says:

    Dear Mrs Doncombe`the best thing in year 3 is when we went to Cottlahaam Park. Then we got our bags and set our journey to Cotthaam Park. Suddenly we arrived at Cotthaam PARK.

  27. Anonymous says:

    My favourite subject is art because I like being creative!

  28. darwk says:

    I love the fabulous work you got.Thank you.

  29. Yeon Woo says:

    I like you and my favourite lesson is Art or DT or Music or Computing.

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