New 100 word challenge

This terms 100 word challenge is to include these words in your 100 word story:




I can’t wait to read them!

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2 Responses to New 100 word challenge

  1. harry says:

    I was painting with elephants while playing the violin I was happy but it was a extremely bad painting because I was hanging upside down. Then I played football with my friends but we lost. After that, my family and that went on holiday to Sweden and swam in the lake and made sand castles and water runs and then a miny pool I was in a very good mood.lastly I was fliying back home in the aeroplane I was playing my mum,s phone a game called five hoopes I ts fun and then I landed safly and was happy

  2. thisali says:

    The elephant who played the violin.
    A long time ago there was an elephant who loved to play the violin.
    One day the elephant wanted to go to the violin competition.
    He went to the competition and he was last place because everyone else had tattoos on them.
    Elephant went home sadly because he lost .He painted himself with purple paint.
    Elephant went to the competition again. He played the violin so beautifully that he nearly put everyone to sleep.
    He won! He was so happy that he did his happy dance.
    He went home excitedly. Happy elephant! The end.

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