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When I was ten, I couldn’t stand board games.  This was largely because I wasn’t very good at them; it was also because they were, well, a bit boring.  Games like Monopoly or Cluedo took far to long to play – you seemed to spend the whole time rolling the dice and moving slowly around the board (where else than Cluedo does it take twenty minutes to get from the bedroom to the kitchen?).  They also looked really old fashioned – some of them hadn’t changed their designs since the early 1960s.  Back when I was in Year 5 (yes, I know that’s before Mr Williams was born) I would much rather play football, draw a picture or play Subbuteo (google it kids!) than face up to an evening of board games.

I’ve been thinking about board games recently because, like everyone, I’m having to spend a bit more time indoors with my children.  The thing is, now I’m forty three, I love board games.  This is mostly because board games have got better.  If you’d asked ten-year-old me to make a prediction, I would’ve said that by  2020 board games would’ve been killed off by computer games – we’d be too busy assassinating space zombies in 3D on our Playstation 9’s to waste time with bits of cardboard (mind you, I’d also have said that we’d all have our own personal lightsabres and be travelling to school on hoverboards, so maybe I wasn’t the best of forecasters).  Instead, computer games have forced board games to be more creative and unusual, and they now involve a lot more than rolling a dice and sliding down a snake.  I play games where I have to pilot a spaceship (Galaxy Truckers), build an empire (Settlers of Catan) and lead a medieval army into battle (chess).  And yes, I’m still not very good at them, but that gets (slightly) easier to take with age.

So although I’m missing some of the outdoor events I’m used to (particularly the sports), I’m enjoying the chance to play a few more games.

In the comments, it would be great if you could share the board games that you enjoy playing.

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  1. joshm says:

    I totally agree Mr west i prefer playing x box to something like snakes and ladders or jenga

  2. OliviaW says:

    i really loved reading this i personally love cluedo but i know what you mean.

  3. Adaora says:


  4. Frankie c says:

    I love board games to.

  5. Tho says:

    there is no such thing as a ps9

  6. Haris says:

    I enjoy playing monopoly!

  7. joshm says:

    But cludo is really fun

  8. Hayden C says:

    i dont really like playing board games but i like some board games.

  9. Serena says:

    There is no ps9.

  10. joshm says:

    have yo played the game of life?

  11. Zahra says:

    i like SNAKES AND LADERS (mostly because its the only bordgame i play)

  12. Alfie w says:

    I’ve found out lots of new board games such as Galaxy Truckers and Settlers of Catan .

  13. joshm says:

    trivial pursuit is eeeeeasy

  14. Brandon says:

    yes monopoly is very boring and long

  15. Henry says:

    I love boardgames,and I have played ‘settlers of catan’ too.But if you haven’t played it, try ‘risk’ where you have to conqour the world with your troops.

    • Mr West says:

      Risk is a fantastic game – my son’s beaten me the last five times we play; he just goes on all out attack from the start and I totally fail to deal with it. Do you have any tips on how I can do better?

  16. Gustav says:

    Mr West,i do agree with you and i’m not a huge fan of board games and more of a sporty person .Although i do quite like chess but agree with you overall.

  17. Ava says:

    my favourite game is catchphrase

  18. Marcel says:

    Does bord games make you bord while you teacher? And do you want to talk about my games?

    • Mr West says:

      I would love to know what your favourite board game – I know you like Exploding Kittens.

    • Marcel says:

      My favorite bord game is table football

      • Mr West says:

        I love table football! I used to work at an office where they had their own table and you could play it at lunchtime. I wonder if Mrs Utting would buy one for the Burlington staff room…

  19. Evie D says:

    yeah i prefer minecraft than snakes and ladders as well!

  20. Eesah says:

    I agree with you Mr West- old fashioned games can be tedious however I quite like Trivial Pursuit and that was made before 2000!

  21. Yerin says:

    I like snake and ladders and football.

  22. Ellis says:

    I like playing chess/battle on a board and checcers vs an (AI) which is very hard and annoying (Because i put it on hard mode on my step dads ipad pro) hope you read this :]

  23. Ava says:

    my favourite game is harry potter trivial persuit

  24. Taeho says:

    playing cludeo games are better than computer games becase they help you to learn the game rules and learning of how to play it!

  25. joshm says:

    exploding kittens is the best game ever!!!!!

  26. Evie D says:

    but my favourite board game would be harry potter trivial pursuit because im really good at it

    • Mr West says:

      I think you’d definitely beat me at this – I just can’t remember the names of all the spells.

  27. Haris says:

    What is it?

  28. Ava says:

    i also like catchphrase on the tv or the game

  29. joshm says:

    they should make sea pickle trivial pursuit

  30. Frankie c says:

    My favorite game is snakes and ladders.

  31. Ellis says:

    yea they are but not as smart as us humans because we still havnt fully evolved into brainus maximous we still have so many chess combinations to learn and try and make:]

    • Mr West says:

      It’s amazing to think the best computers are already way quicker and (in some ways) cleverer than humans.

  32. Frankie c says:

    I do not like it when you fall down a snake

  33. Layla says:

    I don’t like bored games but I like playing cards.

  34. Barney says:

    I disagree 10 year old Mr West. I really like monopoly because I win a lot but also it is very fun.

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