Doctor Who

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  1. Mr West says:

    I agree that the weeping angels are the best enemy. In Blink, they don’t kill people, they just send them back to a century or so before they were born. Is that still the case, or have they become more aggressive?

  2. Mr West says:

    I could post a LOT of comments about Dr Who – I think my favourite episode was The Curse of Fenric from when I was in Year 5.

    • Henry says:

      There is one original episode I like,which is terror of the Autons-much better than when the autons came back,which was in Rose.

      • Mr West says:

        That was the first episode they did when they brought Doctor Who back in 2005, so it was really important they got the right monster. I think they chose the Autons because they were in some really old episodes, and also they’re not too terrifying. If they’d restarted the show with Blink they’d have scared off a lot of people…

        • Henry says:

          I reccomend love and monsters if you haven’t seen it.NOT!It’s terrible!A bucketfull of exposition.

          • Henry says:

            This is turning into some sort of Doc Who chat zone-wait,brilliant idea!I could open a blog where the comments are for fans to chat about the legend that is Doctor Who!
            Coming right up…

          • Mr West says:

            Good idea! Write the blog and we’ll put it up.

  3. Mr West says:

    Also, who would win in a three way fight between Weeping Angels, Daleks and vashta nerada?

    • Henry says:

      Not vashta nerada,as it can’t eat stone and can’t get to the Dalek’s flesh through its casing,and not Daleks as it wouldn’t be able to see the weeping angels to aim.So I go for weeping angels

  4. Zahra says:

    wow this blog must of taken forever to make

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