Book review

Review a book that you have recently read. Why did you like it? What type of readers would like this book? Remember to name the book and author. Also…don’t tell us too much!

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  1. chatto says:

    I have been reading hary potter and the chamber of secrets by jk rowling

  2. xharco says:

    I have been learning bar models in maths and I did six questions OMG

  3. tbarre says:

    heroes and legends auther Anthony Horowitz good for people who like action and war.

  4. hyogal says:

    I’ve read red riding hood. I like it because the wolf acts like little red riding hoods grandma. Kotone would like this book.

  5. xharco says:

    Also I learnt about pirates

  6. pproto says:

    I have been reading storming normons. Its all about the past of the normons.

  7. oalexa says:

    I have been reading Olivia the orchid fairy written by daisy medows

  8. jharco1 says:

    I have been reading really funny books and I did 4 number lines OMG

  9. anaten says:

    I’ve red Emily the singing Fairy because I love singing. cara will love it because she love’s singing.

  10. rpirak says:

    I have read the twits

  11. dahn says:

    I like the book clled THE GUARD DOG and the ather is Dick KING-Smith.I like this book because no one like Guard dog but one day a old man came and took Guard dog.

  12. ovanhe says:

    I’v been reading skuldugry pleasant and have just fineshed it

  13. aaliye says:

    I read Beware of storybook wolves.

  14. jhong says:

    I read the diary of the wimpy kid because I find it funny!

  15. echong says:

    jak and the beenstalk

  16. manst says:


  17. srober says:

    I am reading diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel and it is by Jeff Kinny.

  18. manst says:


  19. ovanhe says:

    I,v read all the hary poter books in about rufly 4 weeks

  20. hkluve says:

    Ive been reading captain underpants and its very funny and his clothes are underpants and a cape.

  21. imckin says:

    I am reading Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. It is a great book.

  22. kkim says:

    I liked the great white man-eating shark because a girl thought a boy was a shark . He looked just like a shark that is why
    he looked like a shark.

  23. ynajib says:

    I like seaqeast beaucause how they made it

  24. ljeyak says:

    My favourite book is George’ s Marvellous Medicine .

  25. mingra says:

    I love chels boocs

  26. ekang says:

    I read mountain tales of Norway. I liked it because it has good details and clear pictures it is why I like it.

  27. sibrag says:

    I love the book called Lilly- pad lake because it is all full of magic.

  28. fricha says:

    I like the book called Lama Drama because its realy funny.

  29. cdaw says:

    My favrait book is the Mr men books they era very funy.

  30. jmorei says:

    My favourite book is The moonshine dragon because its about a person, a knight and a dragon.

  31. srober says:

    I am reading old school Jeff Kinny.

  32. ajohns says:

    I read the mountain tales of Norway because its got clear writing .

  33. nalom says:

    My favourite book is Horrible historys eychit because it is so so funny.

  34. aharpe says:

    gogo they gow to see sid they pac the spaqd in the crn.

  35. jhong says:

    I read diary of the wimpy kid long haul.
    Written by Jeff Kinney.

  36. adalby says:

    The book I’m reading at the moment is candyfloss.

  37. glambe says:

    I love shark’s because it gives you information about shark’s.

  38. sjoshi says:

    My best book is Gorge`s marvellous medicine because I`s funny.

  39. aahmad says:

    .I love the TWITS because it funny.

  40. fplumb says:

    Tom Gates is my favourite because I`ve got one of his book s

  41. cdaw says:

    Bumbibes era thinking about piratis we had a dres up day.Carina

  42. manst says:

    I like art

  43. ajohns says:

    I have been learning about what goes into a letter.

  44. ccapgr says:

    I am reading Heidi. It ‘s about a little girl named Heidi who moves to a cabin in the mountains belonging to her grandfather, uncle alp. then she suddenly has to move to the city to look after a girl who can’t walk named clara. clara
    has a strict governess named miss rottenmire and lives in a posh and big house.

  45. manst says:

    I like maths

  46. mchapp says:

    I am reading a book called sky hawk and it is about a legendary hawk and it is 434 year old

  47. avelkr says:

    Me and my friends have been learning how to write a letter to persuade Captain Anchors Away to let us be on be on his crew because our topic is pirates in our literacy lesson.

  48. econli says:

    I am reading Warsaw! It is about a Polish family the Nartzy Germans have kidnapped they’re father but he’s except. Read the book to find out more. This book is for addventrus reads.

  49. dali says:

    I have read diary of a wimpy kid old school its awesome

  50. aandia says:

    There is a book called The Book with no pictures, you may think it’s boring but actually no if you read it will make you laugh till you go to sleep because it’s so funny . If anyone makes you read it then everyone there will laugh at you, don’t say I didn’t warn you !

  51. Mr West says:

    I’m reading a book called Friday Night Lights. It’s a non-fiction book about high school American football and how it reflects American society. It’s really different to English schools – in America, school teams have their own stadiums, and travel to away games by plane!

  52. Rathana says:

    I like Frankie’s magic football from frank lampard and I read with my brother

  53. Franklin says:

    I’m making a scary book named devil of the deep!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Varzhanithithas says:

    My favourite book the minecraft guide (everything)

  55. pavishok says:

    I like Gorges Marvelous Medicine. It`s by Rohal Dahal. It`s really funny!

  56. David says:

    My favourite book is The Midnight Gang,Grampas Great Escape and Diary of the Wimpy kid

  57. Vijun says:

    My favourite book is Vampire breath in Goosebumps


  58. Ahil says:

    Mines horrid henry i like the part where peter throws spagetti at Henry but misses and hits mum

  59. Anish says:

    My favourite book is Charlie And The Chocolate. It is really good.

  60. Ruthiga says:

    i like the book Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson

  61. Waseef says:

    I would recomend Harry Potter for those who like wizards and witches .It is by the most famous…………. JK ROWLING!
    [By the way,you start reading book one then 2,3,4,5,6 and then 7].

  62. anushyaa says:

    I LOVE Tom Gates books!! They are my favourite because they are HILARIOUS!!! Ha ha! 😀

  63. David says:

    My favourite books are The Midnight Gang, Grampas Great Escape and The Diary of the Wimpy kid

  64. kocak says:

    I’m reading the BFG by Rhoald Dahl and 100 facts about bugs.

  65. faith says:

    my favourite book is tomgates

  66. joshua says:

    My favourite book is Harry Potter because of all his adventures he has with his friends.

  67. Fahim says:

    My favourite book is Mine craft combat handbook it’s help your combat in mine craft

  68. Helenai says:

    I have read best friends

    I liked it because it tells a story about two bffs that are totaly different and what their storys are for instants gemma beat up a boy that was her friends and made his nose bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the author was Jaquline wilson and the illistrator was nick sharriet

    and thats my favorite book.

  69. Bethany says:

    My favourite book is Paddington, because whenever something bad happens it is because of him. My favourte book of sereis is Paddington takes the test.

  70. emily says:

    My faverote book is fuergus crane because it open’s into a map

  71. Yumi says:

    My favourite book is Meltric and the petnapping it’s all about pets going missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Nithila says:

    My favourite Book IS Little mermaid.

  73. Bilge says:

    I am reading Can you?

  74. jisoo says:

    I read Harry Potter because is very intresting.

  75. Freya says:

    I have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone by Jk Rowling I like it because it is mysterious. I am also reading Matilda by Roald Dahl it is very weird because Matilda, in one of the parts is only 3 and already knows perfect English.

  76. Laman says:

    My favroute book is demon dentist by David Walliams. its about a boy called alfie who has terrible unhealthy he goes to see a dentist called miss root who is actually a tooth witch!!!!!this crazydentist then takes all of alfies teeth out but luckilly raj is a kind newsagent and gives alfie a pair of false teeth. if you are interested then i suggest you buy the book i highly recommend it!!!


  77. Ram says:

    I really love Fantastic Mr. Fox

  78. Waseef says:

    I would also recommend The Indian In the cupboard, for those who like magical happenings.

  79. Vijun says:

    MY favourite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  80. Rachel says:

    My favourite books are Ottoline books by Chris Riddell.

  81. Iyla says:

    Mine is Goth Girl and the Fete worse than death by Chris Riddell!

  82. Lora (dabbing champ) says:

    Hmmm let’s see well I have lots of favorite books so one of them I dressed up as Delia in Tom Gates and I also love love love ❤️ JW books and I’m reading Dork Diary books I REALLY RECOMMEND THOSE BOOKS AND DIARIY OF THE WIMPY KID!!!!!!!!!!!,

  83. Gursimar says:

    I have been reading Danny The Champion Of The World by Roald Dahl

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