christmas is here

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  1. Mr West says:

    What’s your favourite Christmas food? Mine is pigs-in-blankets (but I know not everyone’s allowed to eat them, as they’re made from pork). Next time you post, see how many mistakes you can fix before clicking publish.

    • Laman says:

      Mine has to be the lovely turkey and the traditional sweets because they are so nice,but i don’t mined the food as long as i have my friends and family around!!!!!!!!!!

  2. psripa says:

    What do you want for Christmas? To be honest, I don`t want anything!

    • Laman says:

      I want all the children in the world to be happy and healthy and never give up on their dreams!!! It might sound odd but it really is all i want if you don’t count the only other present i want which is a electronic journal.

  3. akarun says:

    iLIKE christmas too.

  4. mkethi says:

    Would you rather want to be at Christmas or Easter or your BIRTHDAY!?

  5. Helenai says:

    I love the way you made the subway surfers ………..IT WAS AWSOME I loved it

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