Roman film by Fahim and Freya

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10 Responses to Roman film by Fahim and Freya

  1. Mr West says:

    I really enjoyed watching this. I thought it was an excellent choice of music – it was very menacing, and it really added to the mood of the film. I’m still not sure about the rainbow effect though…

  2. Iyla says:

    I love it! I made a spy movie once! I love the rainbow effect!

  3. Pavishok says:

    I really like your film. Pls add music when I die and dont put the rainbow

  4. Kaiya says:

    This is a great flim but i think at the start the intro was a bit to long i love the rainbow can here Mr West saying go.

  5. Reggie says:


  6. Laman says:

    what don yo0u like about your film

  7. Laman says:

    i like your film but some scenes needs triming

  8. Faith says:

    I really liked the first part and the rainbow part

  9. Bethany says:

    On the tree scene I liked the caption. On a dark gloomy day in 60AD, somewhere in britian there was a battle bewteen Celts and Romans.

  10. Ahil says:

    Great film love the rainbow effect kind of need to trim the part of the dead celts

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