Roman film by Yumi and Ji Soo

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13 Responses to Roman film by Yumi and Ji Soo

  1. Mr West says:

    This was a good film – I thought it was a really good idea to use music right from the start. It would’ve been even better if you’d cut out some of the parts where you can hear me telling children what to do. Well done girls!

  2. Iyla says:

    That was the best film in the world! I made a film in a club called Technokids! I made it on iMovie.

  3. Ruthiga says:

    i really enjoyed it

  4. Pavishok says:

    I think the music was on point

  5. Kaiya says:

    I love your film,its just that some of the shots are a bit to long

  6. Waseef says:

    really good but my best pat was when you wrote a caption the celts walking

  7. Freya says:

    your film was really good but there are some parts where you can hear Mr West talking so if you were to do it another time it would be good to trim those bits

  8. kocak says:

    you should of cut out the parts when Mr west was speaking but it was a very fun film

  9. Ahil says:

    nice film but did the close up of celts was too late

  10. Iyla says:

    I think you could have called it: The final battle between the Celts and Romans!The battle of Watling street!

    P.S. What app/application did you use?

  11. ella says:

    Wares me

  12. wfoo says:

    That is awesome.I recomened it to my friends I they like it

  13. Bethany says:

    I really like it but it would be better if some of the scenes were shorter.

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