Sick day

I had a sick day on Friday, which I was pretty fed up about. However, it got me thinking about what people do when they’re ill.   When I was a kid and had a sick day, I’d lie on the sofa, eat toast and jam and watch Star Wars (come to think of it, that’s exactly what I did on Friday).   If I was really ill my mum would buy me Football Monthly, a grown up football magazine which I wasn’t normally allowed.  This all meant that sick days were almost fun, although you used to still feel miserable because of the whole being-ill thing. However, I can remember hearing about a parent at a different school who said that if you were ill, you weren’t allowed to watch any television or play any games – her children had to stay in bed the whole time.  If you were well enough to watch TV, you were well enough to go to school.  I wonder what other sick day rules and traditions people have…

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  1. Oskar says:

    poor you

  2. Thomas says:

    Me to when I’m sick I get lucazde and I watch TV.

  3. Rathana says:

    Poor Mr west, Wow lovey first person letter about you sick in your comportable bed.

  4. Hayden says:

    Your very lucky. I am lucky when im sick in a similar way.

  5. Petros says:

    I get to play on my X Box with my aunt and have toast with nutella

  6. christina says:

    lucky , drink apple juice it helps. I play Lego.

  7. luxika says:

    When I am sick I get a sweet, I sleep in bed and I watch my favorite movie.If I am really sick I get to go outside pay on my swing.

  8. kenzie says:

    I bon,t no


  9. Anonymous says:

    Your lucky,I have to stay in bed all day!!!!!!!!!!!:D

    P.S Look at the : and the D side ways.

  10. willt says:

    On my sick days ,i get to play on my ipad all day,and i get to help my mom.I get to sit upstairs on my bed with my brother, he’s also on his ipad. I love my sick days.

  11. kenzie says:

    I havont din sick

  12. Remi says:

    I think you re sick day are epic.On my I sick day I watch TV most of the day!!!!!!!!

  13. Frankie G says:

    When I have a sick day I would lie on the sofa , watch TV and sleep . When I get better my mum would take me out and I would get something new , so that is what I do when I am sick

  14. Ah Jung says:

    it looks like you had awsome sick day.

  15. glambe says:

    I hope Mr West gets better whenever he is ill and I am ill.

  16. econli says:

    When I have a sick day I am allowed to watch some TV but I also have to sleep. I also lie on the sofa and eat dry crackers.

  17. nithya says:

    I always lay down on my sofa when I am sick and watch television while eating crisps,biscuits etc. I try to do gymnastics or something active but it does NOT end up well. I attempt to do art but it turns out like a messy blob. I always want to sleep but I never do because I don’t want to miss television.

  18. ccapgr says:

    Looks as if sick day may be pretty fun after all! I’ve never had a sick day though so I’m not so sure… But I definetely don’t want to not be allowed to eat sweets and watch TV when I’m sick. Imagine having to lie on your back on a hot, stuffy bed with
    a sore throat. It must have been very boring being sick for some people! I’ve never been sick, but my little brother and sister
    have. How jealous I was of what they got to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr West says:

      You’ve never had a sick day – I’m amazed (and also keeping my fingers crossed that you keep your incredible record going in Year 4)!

  19. adalby says:

    When i’m of ill I normally play on the ipad, watch TV, do some Mathletics and go out for lunch.

  20. dzal says:

    on my sik days i stay home with my mum and we watch tely or play chess if i am luky i can play on the compyter .

  21. Pual says:

    I just lay on the sofa and watch Pop (that’s a kids channel).

  22. asegar says:

    Mr West I bet you had lots of fun watching star wars and eating toast and jam
    when you are ill it will be really sad for the child that was in your class that was ill
    but why did the child s mother say that no watching television when you are ill
    that is not fair. I bet they were criying when they were sleeping morning to
    night I don’t think they were angry with there mum because it might what

    • Mr West says:

      I wonder if some of her children once tried to sneak off school when they weren’t really ill, just to watch TV – if they did, she certainly taught them a lesson!

  23. Vishika says:

    I would try to sleep. I sometimes play a bordgame.

  24. aaliye says:

    On my sick day I would spend the day on the sofa,having tea with disgusting medicine in it and watching TV.The medicine is the worst part of my sick day because it’s disgusting and doesn’t even work.

    • Mr West says:

      Are you sure the disgusting medicine doesn’t work? Maybe you’d feel even worse if you didn’t take it…

  25. banss says:

    ON days I just sit in my bed and read A book SOMETIMES I go out with my mum on the histreetst

  26. fplumb says:

    ME to MR West

  27. luxika says:

    I think sick day is quite fun

  28. RATHANA says:


  29. RATHANA says:

    I Hate medicine

  30. lora says:

    your so lucky! Usually my parents say for me to stay in bed ALLLL day. I NEVER got sleepy so I just lay in bed thinking about all the people at school and what they were doing :/

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